Charlotte's Back

It’s nice to be home!

I’m baaaaaaaaaack!
It’s true what they say, you will never love anyone as much as you love your babies.I now know how true this saying is. On 9th March 2014 a little boy called James stole my heart, I have never loved someone so much in all my life, he is just perfect.
After having a lovely 10 months off spending time my beautiful baby boy James it’s lovely to be back with my extended family and all of my friends.
Having the summer off was a definite bonus as me and James had the chance to do lots of lovely things. I absolutely love being a Mummy, but it will be nice to finally get back into a routine and have some adult conversation even though some would say me and James have the same mental age.
I must admit it’s also very nice to have my co driver back the incredible Shirley Dadds, sorry Joscie and Rory but she’s mine!!
I was very nervous about coming back and didn’t want to step through the door but, having my Shirley by the side of me coaxing me in, made things a lot easier and within an hour it was like I had never been away as Kath had me cleaning the cupboard with her LOL.
Want to say a huge thank you to my second mum Kath for having me back and for being an amazing auntie to James.

Lots of love to you all
Charlotte xx