COMPLAINTS AND COMPLIMENTS POLICY AND PROCEDURE                                               

Why your views are important to us

Paul’s Place is committed to providing an efficient service for its service users (members). In order to achieve this, Paul’s Place keeps up to date with technology and employs well-trained, dedicated staff.

Unfortunately, there may be occasions where we will fall below our own high standards and we recognise the concern this can cause and we have implemented a procedure designed to minimise the inconvenience to our members, carers and their families.

It is the policy of Paul’s Place that all complaints are taken seriously and are dealt with in a uniform way and that the member receives a first acknowledgement from the recipient of the complaint within two working days.

A proposed resolution to the complaint should be issued to the member within ten working days. If, for any reason, there is an unavoidable delay in issuing a response to the complaint, the member must be informed, and a new deadline issued/agreed.

All complaints will be dealt with by a designated person so that the individual raising the complaint has a definite point of contact. All members can contact this designated person, if they have any questions or queries or if they wish to enquire about the progress of the complaint. All complaints will be entered a complaints book and acted upon, which will assist us to continually improve our service.

Should any member be dissatisfied with the handling of a complaint at any time, he/she should inform the designated person, who will determine the most appropriate person to respond.

We will then:

  • Consult with the Manager to investigate the complaint;
  • An informal meeting with the complainant;
  • Hold a Trustees’ meeting with the complainant (if appropriate);
  • Advise the member of their right to be accompanied by a representative/advocate if required.

Paul Place’s aim is to ensure that the service we provide is of the highest quality you would expect. We recognise that we can all make mistakes at times, but we can learn from them. Your comments can help us to design and shape services in the future.


We are also interested in receiving compliments when things go well, and members are pleased with the level of service they have received. Any compliments will be voiced to the person/persons involved and recorded. Paul’s Place holds a complaints and compliments register.

Who can make a complaint or compliment?

This procedure is for anyone who has contact with Trustees, staff, volunteers or members of Paul’s Place and who is unhappy or pleased with something they have experienced.

Overview of Complaints Procedure

First acknowledgement (within two working days)

Proposed resolution (within ten working days) or agreed timescale, if unavoidable delay

Designated person (one point of contact) of any progress of complaint

Taken to the Trustees (if required)

Meeting with complainant

Resolution to the complaint to be identified

(Guideline: maximum 25 days from complaint being raised)

How do I make a complaint?

You can make your complaint in one of the following ways:

  • The most effective way (if possible) of dealing with complaints is to speak directly to a member of senior staff to voice your complaint. This could be the quickest way to sort out your complaint to your satisfaction. If you are unable to do this, you may like a member of your family or friend to advocate on your behalf vocally or in writing. We will suggest a meeting to give you an opportunity to meet face-to-face to discuss your complaint. You may wish to ask someone to accompany you. We refer to this as the “problem-solving stage”. It may be at this meeting your complaint remains unresolved and you would like to take this matter further. We would encourage you to put your complaint in writing. However, if you are unable to do so, because of your impairment, a family member a referral can be made to complaints advocacy and a representative will assist you.    
  • If your complaint is in connection with Operations Manager or Chief Executive Officer please Write directly to the Board of Trustees c/o Paul’s Place, Serridge Lane, Coalpit Heath, Bristol BS36 2TT, stating your complaint clearly. On receipt of such a letter, the Trustees will take the necessary appropriate action.


Acknowledgement of any complaints, in any format, will be responded to within 2 working days. Responses will be made in writing indicating an earliest possible resolution. Should there need to be an investigation, longer timescales will be required for further meetings to take place. We have set a 25-day timescale for resolution of complaints, however, longer maybe required to allow joint working with the local authority.      

Safeguarding Issues

If your complaint is of a very serious nature, which may relate to neglect and abuse, this will form part of the safeguarding procedures, which will always take precedence over the complaints procedure. A referral will, therefore, be made to your local authority.

Disciplinary Procedure

If a member of staff, volunteer or member initiates this procedure when a disciplinary procedure has been called, the disciplinary procedure will take precedence and, if appropriate, this procedure will be followed after the disciplinary procedure has been fully completed (unless it relates to safeguarding procedures).

If a complainant remains unsatisfied, it is their right to contact a representative from the Complaints and Compliments Team within their local authority with whom Paul’s Place is registered.  

Procedure for meeting Members

Non-serious Concerns

  • If a member has a concern they should speak to a member of senior staff.

Serious Concerns

  • One member of staff will approach the member stating, that a conversation needs to take place in a private room.
  • Staff will inform that another member of staff will be present and will be taking minutes.
  • The member will be asked if he/she would like someone to be present at the meeting.
  • If they want someone present e.g. relative, friend, etc, a meeting will take place within the following 5 working days. The member will not be able to attend Paul’s Place until the meeting has taken place.    

If you remain unsatisfied it is your right to contact a representative from the Complaints and Compliment’s Team within your local authority with whom we are registered.  

Policy Written

Paula Jordan Matthews

Operations Manager


Board Approved

Date: April 2018