Meet Our Team

Pete Andrews
Pete AndrewsCoordinator
Pete leads our sporting activities at Paul’s Place and heads up our Boccia teams and works with other organisations to ensure that disability sport is on the map. Pete is passionate about disability sports and seeing people thrive through achieving goals they might not have thought possible.
Clair Armstrong
Clair ArmstrongFundraising and Public Relations Manager
Clair heads up Paul’s Place corporate and community fundraising and builds partnerships with organisations and groups to raise the much-needed funding for the charity. Clair sees Paul’s Place as place where she can make a difference and give something back.
Poppy Bishop
Poppy BishopSupport Worker
Poppy is a Support Worker and works with people to achieve their outcomes and has an interest in mental health. Poppy enjoys the relaxed nature of the charity and seeing the impact that it has on the lives of the members.
Chris Brooks
Chris BrooksFinance Officer
Chris is responsible for all things finance, from paying the bills to issuing invoices and counting the money. Chris has been involved with the charity almost since the beginning and enjoys seeing the difference that it has made in so many peoples lives.
Elaine Brooks
Elaine BrooksFinance Assistant
Elaine supports the finance and admin systems in the office, in addition to this she acts as clerk to the Trustee Board. Elaine loves the atmosphere at Paul’s Place and finds it to be a really fulfilling place to work.
Andy Carter
Andy CarterSupport Worker
Andy is a Support Worker and works with individuals so that they are achieving their outcomes. In addition, Andy is part of the Boccia team and is passionate about seeing people’s confidence grow as they play the sport.
Joe Carter
Joe CarterSupport Worker
Joe is a Support Worker at Paul’s Place and supports individuals with the range of activities that are on offer at Paul’s Place Daily, including pottery in which he is trained in. Joe is keen to see people grow in confidence as they try new things and gain new skills.
Daniel Cheesman
Daniel Cheesman CEO
Daniel was appointed as Chief Executive Officer in 2019 to provide leadership to the charity and to develop a new five-year strategy. Daniel is passionate about making a difference to the lives of others and supporting individuals to live their lives to the full.
Chelsea Couzens
Chelsea CouzensSupport Worker
Chelsea started as an apprentice at Paul’s Place and is now part of the team of Support Workers. She regularly runs wellbeing and relaxation sessions for members. Chelsea loves working at Paul’s Place because of the positive atmosphere.
Shirley Dadds
Shirley DaddsAssistant Coordinator
Shirley Dadds co-ordinates the Paul’s Place Daily programme and has been with the charity since 2006. Shirley loves being there for the members, seeing people having fun with one another and experiencing new things.
Bob Fox
Bob FoxSupport Worker
Bob is a Support Worker and Fire Marshall for Paul’s Place Daily. He enjoys working with individuals to achieve things and challenge themselves. He believes that a positive mindset is key to making this happen.
Heather Gartland
Heather GartlandSupport Worker
Heather is a Support Worker at Paul’s Place and ensures that people are meeting their outcomes and getting involved with all things on offer at Paul’s Place. Heather loves her job and working with Members on a day-to-day basis.
Inge Hendy
Inge Hendy Cook
Inge is Paul’s Place cook who ensures that people have a nutritious and delicious home-cooked meal. Inge loves to see people at Paul’s Place well-fed and knows the importance that a meal together can have for people socially.
Sheila Hewitt
Sheila HewittSocial Worker and Safeguarding Lead
Sheila is a qualified Social Worker who looks after new people coming to Paul’s Place. She carries out initial assessments to ensure we can support individual’s needs. In addition to this, she leads our Carers Project. Sheila loves her job, helping people to become more independent and to achieve their goals and aspirations.
Paula Jordan-Matthews
Paula Jordan-Matthews Operations Manager
Paula joined Paul’s Place in 2016 and is responsible for the day-to-day running of Paul’s Place, leading the support worker team. Paula is motivated by the Members of Paul’s Place and is proud of the team who do all they can do to make Paul’s Place the charity it is.
Chrissy Kelly
Chrissy KellyAssistant Coordinator / Support Worker
Chrissy is a Support Worker as well as Assistant Coordinator in Shirley’s absence. Chrissy has worked at Paul’s Place for several years and enjoys seeing Members achieve their outcomes have having fun along the way.
Kerry Lewis
Kerry LewisOffice Administrator
Kerry ensures the smooth running of the office and is the person that updates individual’s support plans as well has being the person who organises Paul’s Place Short Breaks. Kerry loves seeing Members lives enhanced because of their involvement with the charity.
Ashley Riddell
Ashley RiddellSupport Worker
Ashley is a Support Worker and specialises in arts and crafts at Paul’s Place Daily. She enjoys working here because of the difference that the charity makes to those that it supports.
Michele Thame
Michele ThameSupport Worker
Michele is a Support Worker and works with members to achieve their outcomes supporting a lot of the off-site activities. Michele finds working at Paul’s Place really rewarding and enjoys seeing people smile.
Chloe Webber
Chloe WebberSupport Worker
Chloe started as an apprentice before joining the Support Worker team. Chloe supports Members and works with them in areas around numeracy and literacy. She is passionate about making a difference and helping others where she can.
Lloyd Wiltshire
Lloyd WiltshireDriver
Lloyd is our Driver, joining Paul’s Place in 2019. He is responsible for ensuring the we get to and from a lot of our off-site activities safely and on time. Lloyd enjoys seeing people enjoying themselves through the many activities that we provide.