We support people to live life to the full and we couldn’t do this without the commitment of a dedicated team of volunteers.

We are always looking for people who have some spare time and enthusiasm to volunteer at Paul’s Place. Volunteering opportunities include:

Support with the set up and running of activities at Paul’s Place Daily

Supporting individuals to get involved in activities at Paul’s Place Daily

Befriending individual’s, talking and listening to people

Practical support at Paul’s Place Daily including help preparing meals

The benefits of volunteering for you:

Having a positive impact on someone else’s life

It is amazing the difference that you can make on someone else’s life by just being there. Giving some of your time to support someone else is really powerful and you may never know the different that just being there can make for another person.

Feel good factor

Helping others and giving some of your time can make you feel good and be good for your own health and wellbeing. There is no better feeling to know that you have made a positive impact on another person’s day.

Gain new skills

Volunteering can also help you gain new skills as you might be doing something that you’ve never done before. Volunteering looks good on a CV as employers are increasingly looking at volunteering as a way of viewing candidates for jobs in different ways.

Make new friends

Paul’s Place is a friendly place to be and everyone involved in the charity gets a sense very quickly that it really is a special place. So many people have formed great friendships over the years including many of our volunteers.

Volunteer Sam and Pepper from Pets As Therapy

Pepper Wearing Yellow Bandana with the Pets as Therapy on itSam and Pepper are regular visitors at our day facility. Pepper’s calming influence and sweet nature helps people feel relaxed and happy. Pets as Therapy Dogs are an organisation with a vision to ensure that everyone in the UK, no matter their circumstances, has access to the companionship of a friendly pet.

We’re grateful for Sam and Pepper’s visit, as well as his ongoing friendship with all the members (people supported by Paul’s Place).

Sam and the chocolate labrador Pepper

Sue Weaver, Volunteer for 11 years

“As deputy head of St Michaels Primary School, I met Kath Aldom (the founder of Paul’s Place) at a cheque presentation. During the next 2 years, 4 people supported by Paul’s Place would visit the school each Friday and come into my classroom. They shared their disabilities and personal skills with the children. This was such a valuable life-skills-building experience for us all. So, volunteering became a natural progression for me.

They enrich my life.

I have given the members (those supported by the charity) a special gift of my time, my talents and my skills. In return, I have gained friendships and much satisfaction in helping this charity. I have shared in their laughter and their tears during our incredible journey together. From the weekly onsite small group activities, supporting individuals to achieve their goals, to helping during short breaks and holidays, every moment spent together is creating special memories for us all.”

“It is rewarding to enhance someone else’s life and see others smile.”

“Volunteering at Paul’s Place has helped me to support others in many ways and it has also truly enriched my life.”

Current Vacancies

Day Care Volunteer – Coalpit Heath, Bristol

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