Paul’s Place Boccia

Boccia is a fully accessible sport, and at Paul’s Place our Boccia teams are run by disabled people, with the support of Paul’s Place staff. We regularly promote the sport locally, taking our love of Boccia into schools and colleges. We currently have six teams; three in the super league and three in the national league.

Boccia Yearly Subscription

There is a yearly subscription to all Paul’s Place Boccia players.

The current fees (2022/23) are:
  • £60.00 for Boccia Players who also attend Paul’s Place Daily.
  • £90.00 for those who play Boccia only.
Other costs throughout the year might include registration fees for competitions and money for food and refreshments when we are away at competitions.

Boccia Stories from our players

Paul’s Place Boccia team players Mike and Luke spoke to staff about their journey with the sport.

Their interviews can be found on the Boccia England Blog: Watch Luke’s story here  | Watch Mike’s story here

Paul’s Place Boccia Team at the Back-to-Boccia Series in Crawley

After over two years between competitions, this was our team’s return to Boccia post-pandemic. It was a long day but we at Paul’s Place are so proud of what they all continue to achieve in Boccia. As you can see from the footage captured at the weekend, this inclusive sport means the world to our players.

Every year we need to raise funds to support our Boccia teams.

To find out how you could help and make a difference please contact today.

Who can play Boccia?

Boccia is a disability sport and as with any disability sport, people are ‘classified’ to play at a certain level. This ensures that you are playing at the same level as those you are playing with. We encourage all at Paul’s Place to give Boccia a go!

If you would like to know more about the sport and the rules of Boccia, take a look at the Boccia England website.

What are the benefits of playing Boccia?

Boccia is a sport that has many benefits to those who play:

New skills

The game itself gives players new skills, along with a better level of concentration. It is a game of great highs and the occasional low, which is quite similar to life!


Boccia is all about teamwork. The more you play the better your relationship gets with your training partner and teammates. Communication is a key skill you’ll develop, as you’re required to clearly communicate with your team.


Boccia gives you increased confidence as the sport continuously pushes you out of your comfort zone.

New friendships

Boccia is a sport that attracts a diverse range of people, so it can nurture friendships between those who might not otherwise strike up friendships. Boccia is based on trust and communication, two important elements of a healthy friendship.

Different outlook

Boccia is more than just a game. It can be a vehicle for someone to challenge themselves and to try new things, which can lead to a different outlook on general life.

Support Us

We are supporting people to live life to the full, but we can’t do this alone. We need your support to make this happen and keep sports like Boccia accessible at Paul’s Place.

What our players say…

“Boccia has given me confidence and helped me understand how to work as part of a team”

“Playing Boccia makes having a disability seem irrelevant, it levels the playing field.”