The links provided are to help you access healthy, good-quality food wherever you are. People in rural settings often struggle to access healthier choices, the links shared here will help you with this. There is also some advice on healthy eating and ways to help you discover new recipes.

Do you want to learn more about eating well?

The NHS has a great resource and guide to help you find out more about creating a balanced diet to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

See their guide here

Accessing fresh fruit & veg wherever you are

Recipe Boxes

Gousto | Hello Fresh

These are subscription boxes where you can choose set meals. The ingredients are delivered along with the recipe and instructions on how to make it. If you take the cost of your weekly/monthly food bill, this service might work out cheaper so not that much extra. It takes all the hassle out of finding what to cook as set meals are delivered right to your door!

Other food home delivery services

Zero waste online shopping and home delivery: Get Dizzie Refill shopping online

A food delivery service that brings food in refillable containers. Your empty containers are then collected by the company to be re-used. They have all store cupboard essentials and even plenty of delicious snacks and other household essentials like cleaning products.

For the essentials and food delivery that you won’t have to remember: Bother UK

Easily find your favourite brands of household essentials. They stock thousands of well-known names and a whole bunch of hidden gems. They remind you when an item is running low and you can top it up without needing to remember yourself!

National Veg boxes: Oddbox | Riverford

Oddbox is a veg box subscription service that delivers the veg that wasn’t “pretty enough” to be sold in supermarkets. Each year, tons of perfectly edible food are wasted because it doesn’t meet our supermarket beauty standards. This service means that fresh & delicious veg is delivered to your door.

Riverford is an organic veg box subscription service. It will help you eat with the seasons, meaning all the veg is fresh and delicious.

Local Veg Boxes: Bristol Veg Boxes | Reg The Veg for Bristol City | Yate & Bath by Jimmy Dean Veg

These local boxes are great and if they deliver to your address, also usually cheaper than the national veg box schemes. Reg the veg, for example, he will create a seasonal fruit and veg box. Eating in season is a great way to stay healthy as fruit and veg come fresh, meaning it keeps all the natural goodness – making it even more delicious!

Local Meat and Dairy Delivery: Field & Flower

Do you want to support your local meat and dairy farmers? Do you want good quality meat with high welfare standards? Field and flower work with the best meat and dairy producers in the country (mostly, in the South West) to deliver high-quality meat. Choose from special cuts to your everyday mixed box.

It’s also worth supporting your local butchers. Go into your local butcher shop and ask f they have boxes available too. Most of them can tailor the cuts to what you like to cook. A butcher’s selection box comes fresh, meaning you can freeze items and get a month’s supply at a time.

Watch & learn

There are many programmes that can educate you on how to eat well. Take this BBC programme, Eat Well for Less

Youtube: Jamie Oliver’s Channel not only has lots of recipes for eating well for less, he also has lots of cooking tips for those who want to improve their skills! Take a look at his Youtube Channel here.