Infection Control: Keeping yourself and others safe

Covid may not be all over the headlines anymore, but it’s important we stay safe. As well as Covid resources, there is information about other viruses and how to control infection at home or when out and about.


Covid 19:



Ventilation is really important for infection control. Some viruses, like Covid-19 can gather in the air. When someone with a respiratory viral infection (like Covid and norovirus) breathes, speaks, coughs or sneezes, they release small particles (imagine droplets of air) that contain the virus which causes the infection.   Ventilation will bring in fresh, clean air. It will replace the Covid particles with fresh, clean ones – reducing the amount of Covid particles you breathe in.

More information about why ventilation is important here.

Face Coverings:

These are no longer mandatory in the UK, but you can still choose to wear one in crowed and poorly ventilated places. For example, many people still choose to wear them on crowded buses, hospitals or most medical settings. They are no longer mandatory in Paul’s Place, here it is also your personal choice as to when you wear them.


If you are feeling unwell or display any cold symptoms –  we advise you take a test before coming into Paul’s Place just to be sure. There are test available in our day facility.

Further advice on testing here

Covid Vaccine info:

(see flu page for flu vaccine information)