Covid-19 Update

During lockdowns, Paul’s Place at Home provided vital support

One-to-one calls
Virtual Activities on zoom
Virtual Peer Support

In 2020 we supported 89 disabled adults and 24 unpaid carers to live life to the full

From the first lockdown in March until December 2020, Paul’s Place at Home had a big impact.

  • 3,990 calls to disabled adults to discuss their worries and offer companionship

  • 304 calls to carers to discuss their worries and offer companionship

  • 406 hours of virtual peer support for carers

  • 917 video calls and 1,327 hours on Zoom with disabled adults

  • 435 community meet-ups and home visits between July and October 2020

Our one-to-one phone calls with members of staff provided companionship, offered a safe space to talk and for those who needed extra support, we were able to connect them with additional services.

“Makes me feel still part of Paul’s Place – I haven’t been forgotten”

190 postcards

For that extra little pick-me-up we sent out 190 Postcards to Service Users, Staff, Volunteers and Trustees, reminding everyone we are still here and thinking of them. It is the little acts of kindness that have made a big difference during this pandemic.

Paul’s Place in the community

During the summer we were able to provide Paul’s Place in the Community, organising 1-1 visits to people at home and hosting small group meet-ups outside.

How we keep people safe in our day facility

With 30 members per day, we ask staff, members and volunteers all to do regular lateral flow tests before coming into our day facility.

We have also recently added Co2 monitors to measure the air quality, reducing the risk of infection further.

How keep you safe

  • Temperature checks & Sanitizing Stations
  • Personal Protective Equipment for personal care
  • Increased Cleaning Schedule

Introducing a “traffic light system”

Green dot – I am happy to have people close

Amber dot – Please ask me before coming to close

Red dot – Please respect my personal space and maintain social distancing around me

So although we’re no longer keeping bubbles or social distancing while moving around the building, all the other safety precautions remain to ensure we can enjoy a little more freedom in the safest way possible. The traffic light system will also help those feeling unsure about the recent changes.

Traffic light social distancing measures
Image of temperature checking station with 3 squares. 1 green, 1 yellow and 1 red to indicate safety.

Risk Assessments and Policies

Latest Risk assessment 2022: