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Local Disability Charity, Paul’s Place, receives unique donation from Crematorium’s metal recycling scheme.

Westerleigh Cemetery & Crematorium in Bristol has found a unique way to support a local charity that enhances the lives of physically disabled adults.

With the consent from families, metals recovered during cremation are recycled and any money raised is distributed amongst Westerleigh Group selected charities, local activities and environmental initiatives which benefit the communities they serve.

Thanks to the scheme, Westerleigh Crematorium, which is part of Westerleigh Group, has donated £1000 to Paul’s Place. The charity, currently operating out of Coalpit Heath cricket club, provides social activities that connect people, reduce isolation, improve health and wellbeing, and give people the opportunity to develop new skills and enjoy new experiences.

Head of Fundraising at Paul’s Place, Kayley Waller, said:

“We want to express our heartfelt thanks to Westerleigh Crematorium and the generous individuals and families who consented to participate in the scheme at what is a very difficult time for them. To think of others in their time of grief is remarkable. This special donation will make a huge difference to the physically disabled adults we support at Paul’s Place.”

The national scheme is run by not-for-profit organisation Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management and means metal such as artificial hip joints, rods and screws that cannot be cremated are recycled, generating charitable donations.

Metals are recycled with the express consent of bereaved families being the persons entitled and empowered to make this decision.

Shaun Chapman-Young, Operations Manager at Westerleigh Crematorium, said:

“Paul’s Place is a fantastic cause and has helped support families we have cared for in the past. I hope this donation helps them carry on providing the amazing service they offer.’’