Improving services for young people living in Bristol and South Gloucestershire

Paul’s Place is conducting a piece of research that will inform their new service aimed at physically disabled adults, aged 18-25.  Supported by Miranda Keast, a freelance research consultant.

“We want to make sure that everyone who comes to us for support has something they can take part in that they enjoy or will develop their skillset. We love taking people out of their comfort zone and with the right amount of encouragement, it’s amazing to see people say they are so happy that they tried something new.” Says Communications Officer Alex

To understand what people need and want in this service Paul’s Place has begun an online consultation process. It starts with an online webinar scheduled for 25th January 2022, 6- 6.45pm.

The webinar will ask about the kinds of activities this age group enjoys or wants to do but has never had the chance to due to inaccessibility. “There’s been service users in the past who came to us with ambitions of trying things like archery for example. Until they had the opportunity to use our adapted bows at Paul’s Place, this wasn’t possible. It takes simple adjustments to make many activities accessible, yet not many places do it. Paul’s Place is different and we find a way to make that happen for people. We want to be able to do more of that, this time focusing on a specific age group.” Communications Officer Alex shares.

To ensure diverse voices are captured in this piece of research, they have opened it to the whole of the UK to take part. Although only people living in their catchment area will be able to use this service, the piece of research that this consultation will create can act as an informational piece for others to create their own community projects in their area.

Results will be published on the Paul’s Place Website. The idea is that people can view the results to better understand what sorts of services are currently missing in the UK for young disabled adults.

How can you take part?

Join their webinar on 25th January 2022, 6- 6:45. Register for free here.

Those who take part in the webinar will be in with a chance to win a voucher worth £25.

Can’t make it to the webinar? There’s an online survey where you can share your thoughts too. Click here to complete the form, it should take you approx. 10 minutes. If you need it in a different format, get in touch with Alex at

“From all of us at Paul’s Place, thank you for taking the time to complete our survey or registering for our webinar. Together, we can help disabled adults thrive!”