Paul’s Place got its name in a rather unusual way. Back in 1995 when the group was formed, a young disabled man Paul Willmott was part of the initial conversations about the group.

He was keen to be part of the club, as he, like the other founding members wanted to see a social group set up for them and a club that they could own. Sadly, Paul died just as the club was forming. As a tribute to Paul the other founding members decided, that in his memory, the group would be known as Paul’s Place. Paul’s family have continued to support the charity over the years and are so pleased that Paul lives on through the charity.

Today, ‘Paul’ embodies anyone using the charity, regardless of gender or disability as we are a people-based, disability-led charity and continue to replicate the ethos of the original club.

Portrait of Paul willmott. A wheelchair user with short brown hair.