We’re helping people become active again

Paul’s Place secures funding to help those we support become active again

Funded by government and lottery investment, Sport England has awarded Paul’s Place £7,250. This is coming at an important time as fundraising remains a big challenge.

“We are recovering after a year of regular fundraising events being cancelled or put on hold,” explains Fundraising and PR Manager Clair. “We’ve managed to bring some funds in with virtual events but not enough to cover such an important project as this.”

Kerry, a support worker is leading the project. “This funding will allow us to understand how the people we support feel about sports. Some may have lost confidence or need to build their strength and stamina because their regular exercise routines have stopped,” explains Kerry.

For many people, sports help people achieve personal goals, develop confidence and support overall wellbeing. “We’re helping the people we support become active again, boosting their confidence and bringing back that sense of achievement we’re all looking for,” says Kerry.

“You see these individuals go on a journey which starts with them thinking a particular sport is out of bounds; be it through lack of confidence, support or their disability, then when it’s made possible either through adaptations or simply receiving the right kind of encouragement – the sense of achievement it gives them is fantastic.”

“Everyone at Paul’s Place wants to bring back some sense of normality. Many already ask us when they can start Boccia and go to the gym again for example,” explains Kerry.

Gyms may be open to the public but getting back into routines and integrating with the general public requires a level of confidence that some may have lost during all the lockdowns and shielding. Not only that, this overwhelming feeling of tiredness and general lack of motivation felt by many is another barrier. Paul’s Place hopes that these activities will re-energise people.

Part of this grant will fund fitness instructors to attend the day facility, as well as renting out additional space to practice Boccia.

“The instructors mean more people can take part, as there are limited spaces in a gym. It also helps ease people back into physical exercise, being guided by a professional to help them build strength and stamina in a safe way again. An activity like wheelchair yoga is inclusive and it encourages new people to take up new sporting activities.”

“The way people view physical exercise is that they don’t see it as something they have to do for purely health reasons – the sense of achievement people get from doing these activities is one of the many ways we help people live life to the full,” Kerry shares.

Wheelchair Yoga classes have already begun, Boccia practice is set to return too. This is just the start of more sport to come! Follow our progress on social media;

Facebook: @Paulsplacecharity

Instagram: @Paulsplaceofficial